Brühl is worth a visit, because there is something going on in Brühl! Phantasialand is the driving force behind the city's tourism. But it is also worth booking our hotel near Brühl for a few days longer and taking a short holiday. Our hotel is located in Weilerswist, the neighbouring community of Brühl - only 8 minutes by car from Phantasialand. Start from our hotel near Brühl to the cities of Cologne and Bonn. Climb the Drachenfels with your children. Or visit the 36th edition of the cultural spectacle "Brühlermarkt" from our hotel near Brühl, which offers you the best entertainment. The festival is known far beyond the Brühl region with its attractive venues and the lively mixture of genre-spanning performances. The "Brühlermarkt" is considered a milestone in the cultural identity of Brühl. A colourful variety of events and artistic activities awaits you in the open air. True to the motto "Culture for everyone" there is something for every taste. Dance and music can be heard in the Franziskanerhof, the historic town hall courtyard is transformed into a large concert hall and a laughing zone with a Rhenish programme in keeping with the spirit of the times. The venue for the children and family programme is the meadow at the Max Ernst Museum. We are the hotel near Brühl which is very close to Brühl and nature! Our hotel near Brühl is easily accessible for all your leisure activities. The special thing about our hotel near Brühl is that you can enjoy the great outdoors from our hotel right away, because in our hotel near Brühl you will be staying right next to the Ville Nature Park. Start from our hotel and explore the region. Our hotel near Brühl takes you far away from the chaos of everyday life but is still centrally located so that you can quickly reach all major cities and important sights! Book a room in our hotel near Brühl and look forward to a quiet and rustic hotel in Weilerswist with bed linen with the scent of the wind in the fibres. The customer-friendly staff of the Zum Schwan Metternich Hotel near Brühl will welcome you every morning with an abundant and inexpensive breakfast. The smell of freshly baked rolls and freshly brewed coffee is guaranteed to entice you to come to the breakfast room of the hotel near Brühl.

Hotel Zum Schwan Weilerswist-Metternich

Bergstr. 20, Weilerswist-Metternich, 53919 , Germany