Who wouldn't want to feel free and carefree again, like a child? Dive once more into the dream world of fantasy land. Fight with fairy tale dragons and drink sweet tea with fairies. Laugh at clumsy bears and marvel at daring artists. Phantasialand offers fun and a change from everyday life for every age group. And there's plenty to do even in bad weather. This carefree world at Phantasialand attracts many visitors. It's much easier than you think to spend time there, even if you come from far away. You only need a hotel near Phantasialand, for example the Hotel Schwan Metternich! Thanks to our hotel near Phantasialand, you will be able to enjoy the full range of offers of the amusement park, free from time pressure. Our hotel near Phantasialand allows you to get to know all the attractions and explore the enchanting surroundings during your first visit. Depending on the programme and the time period of your visit, you only pay once for admission to Phantasialand and can visit the park a second time free of charge. So it's worth spending one or two nights in our hotel near Phantasialand.


The Hotel Zum Schwan Garni in Weilerswist-Metternich, near Phantasialand, welcomes couples, singles or families with children. Our hotel is located just 8 minutes by car from the amusement park and an overnight stay in our hotel near Phantasialand is an excellent and above all inexpensive solution for guests of Phantasialand who come from far away.

Singles who choose our hotel near Phantasialand will be able to exchange their impressions with other guests, because at our hotel near Phantasialand it is never boring. Families who choose our hotel near Phantasialand will also be able to relax in the warm atmosphere of the hotel after the impressive hours at Phantasialand. And you? Have you decided to visit Phantasialand? Or are you still thinking about it? Even if you really do have a long way to go, at our hotel near Phantasialand we'll give you a warm welcome and look forward to your visit.

Hotel Zum Schwan Weilerswist-Metternich

Bergstr. 20, Weilerswist-Metternich, 53919 , Germany